Total Opening Solutions


The Four Major Components

Just what does the term “TOTAL OPENING SOLUTION” mean?  In terms of an opening there are many components at work to keep one safe, secure and operating properly.  The four major components of total opening solutions of every opening are:

#1 The Swing

How does the door swing? Is it utilizing pivots? Are they center hung, or offset?  Does it use hinges? If so, how many and what size? Maybe the door uses a continuous hinge running the entire length of the door.  Regardless, these are all a part of component One.

#2 The Secure

This refers to what is LOCKING & SECURING” the opening.  These aren’t your daddy’s locks.  Today’s locks come is more shapes, sizes and functions than even we’d like to see sometimes. They might range from light, medium, and heavy duty levers to mortise style locks.  Or from electric locks that release when energized, to models with sophisticated on board electronics that can communicate in real time with a central hub as part of a larger system.  Let’s not forget life safety hardware and exit devices that can be either strictly mechanical or integrated with the same electronics we already mentioned.  All of these are examples or securing the door or opening.

 #3 The Control

In simple terms this means how does it “CLOSE”  as with locks closer come in many flavors.  There are  surface mounted, overhead and in floor concealed closers, center hung or offset closers, and of course automatic opener-closers for high traffic and ADA requirements.  These make up component three.

#4 The Protection

What are the things that keep the door and frame in good condition and top working order.  These are things like Weather stripping, Threshold plates, Door bottom kick plates, door stops and wall stops.  These are a few things that help protect the opening and make up component four.

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