Sacramento – Scoping a Safe

If a locksmith technician cannot manipulate a safe, or a safe contains glass re-lockers, scoping a safe is a practical solution. When scoping a safe, a borescope is needed. A borescope is a tube (either flexible or rigid) equipped with optical fibers and a magnified eye-piece. Once a hole is drilled into a safe, the locksmith technician will insert the borescope into the hole, which enables them to observe a specific component of the safe.

One of the more common scoping techniques is known as “scoping the key change hole”. Once the locksmith can see the change key hole with their borescope, they look for landmarks on the wheel pack of the combination lock. These landmarks clue the locksmith into obtaining the safe’s combination. Locksmiths like this technique because the safe can be opened with minimal damage, and only can easily be repaired. Scoping the key change hole is especially handy when dealing with glass re-lockers, as the locksmith can drill in from the sides or the top of the safe and avoid breaking the re-lockers. 

Author: prolock

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