Sacramento – Safe Autodialers and Combination Guessing

Autodialers -

Autodialers are machines that can run through upwards thousands of combinations until they find a match. These machines are usually for specific lock types. There are also lock manipulation devices that are aided by computers. These are similar to autodialers, but they are able to listen to the lock and make logical decisions.

Guessing the Combination -

A surprising amount of safes can be opened by guessing the combination. Manufacturers often set safe combinations (known as try-out combinations) before the safes reach the market. There are lists in circulation that contain the “try-out” combinations, and they end up in the wrong hands from time to time. Sometimes new safe owners do not get around to changing the combination in time, and their safe can be compromised. Another mistake safe owners make is setting combinations that can be easy to guess, such as a street address or their birth-date.

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