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Are you locked out of your safe? Need your Safe Combination changed? Call the Safe Openers at Professional Lock and Safe, we can help. We service all the top brands, including the ones listed below:

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Adesco Safe
Adesco safes offers relaible, affordable protection. They have a large selection of safe products that meet the needs of any home, office, or businesses. Adesco dealers also carry the entire line of FireKing Files.

The production of round door vaults was pioneered by AMSEC. For decades, these round door vaults have been the industry standard.

Armor Safe Technologies are innovators in cash management systems. Armor Safes count, validate, and secure cash into cassettes. These cassettes are delivery ready for your bank. This establishes a closed-loop solution for employee accountability, prevention of loss, and monetary transparency.

Atlas specializes in top of the line tornado shelters and safe rooms.

Bernardini Safes are no longer manufactured. They used to be built Brazil and were aimed at the U.S. Market for about a decade. The brand “International”, as seen in brochures, was also created Bernardini.

Chubb Safes
Chubb Safes is a leader in international secure storage supply. Solutions they provide include document and data protection, as well as valuable and cash storage.

Browning has been an industry leader in gun safes for over 30 years. Check out Browning’s complete line of gun safes to see how they beat the compition.

Bischoff safes were manufactured South Africa and mostly aimed at the U.S. Market. They were only sold for about 5 years in the 1980′s. When it came time to retest the products in order to remain on the market, Bischoff opted out and discontinued their safes.

Corporate Safe Specialists
Many Fortune Five Hundred companies purchase their safes from CSS. They are one of the largest safe suppliers to U.S. retail stores and restaurants.




Fichet-Bauche is a world leader in document and data protection. They have safes, vaults, locks and cabinets that protect from burglary, fires, and other threats.

Whether you need utility or personal safes, for office or home, Gary and FireKing have you covered.

Fort Knox
Fort Knox is the only manufacturer that offers fully customized safes to match your requirements. This includes the inside of their safes, where you can choose how many shelf are installed, as well as their arrangement.

Gary offers Rotary Hopper Deposit Safes, Front Deposit Safes, Executive Safes, Trim Safes, Laptop and Personal Safes.

Gardall Safe Corporation is world re-owned as a manufacturer of premium security products and safes. They focus on fire and theft protection.

GSC Giant Safe Company

International Vault
Hayman offers a large, top of the line selection of both home and commercial safes. They also make custom safes to fit your needs.

Feautres include:
The highest level of burglar resistant security
A drill and torch resistant door which is 8.26″ thick.
Extra strength and protection due to one piece body.
A combination lock second with a double bit key lock, making it manipulation proof.
Drill and torch resistant bolts
Randomly located re-lockers, and a special glass plate to protect the locks.
Adjustable shelves for valuables such as cash and jewelry are available.

Kaba is a world leader and innovator in access solutions.

Lord safes are built with banks, jewelers, and financial institutions in mind. They excel in providing security and fire protection for cash, valuables, and documents.



McGunn offers The following traditional safes:

  • Quip Drop
  • Cash Keeper
  • Cash Handler

Meilink – Fire and Burglary Safes
Financial institutions and jewelers around the world rely on for Meilink Gibraltar high quality safes.

Mosler has physical security solutions for clients worldwide.


National Safe
National has provided quality safes and services to Medical Facilities, Commercial Businesses, and Correctional Facilities and Universities since 1979.

NKL Cash Handling
There are a lot of financial factors to consider when dealing with cash-handling. Lost deposits, employee theft, and armored car fees are just a few of the costs that need to be factored in. NKL has solutions ranging from basic drop safes to cutting edge cash-handling technology.

Sargent and Greenleaf

Sentry Safe

Schwab Corp – Fire protection for vital records


Williamson Safe Company

Kaba Mas

Sportsman Steel Safe Company


For 30 years, Triton has been a trusted name in the business world, providing reliable and affordable products. Triton continues to set new standards with innovative features and “best-in-the-industry” support after the sale.