Roseville – Request To Exit Sensors – Part 2

The Exit Push Button is another common type of Request to Exit configuration. One of the more well known types of Exit Push Buttons are the red, circular buttons located near their corresponding doors. Often, facilities using these push buttons are required to label these buttons with “Push to Exit” text. The Access Control Panel is triggered when the Request to Exit button is pushed, and the door alarm is bypassed.

There are inherent life-safety problems in both Request to Exit buttons and the REX sensors discussed in the previous entry. Both configurations usually depend on the Access Control Panel to to unlock the door. Unfortunately, electronics always fail eventually. Experienced installers will include a back up system when installing Request to Exit buttons. If a Request to Exit sensor must be installed, it is highly recommended to wire it to the lock in addition to the access control panel. Using pneumatically Operated Exit Push Buttons is also recommended, they have a built in piston that prevents the button from retuning to the out position.

For more information about Request to Exit Sensors and all things Access Control check out Thomas L. Norman’s book Electronic Access Control.

Author: prolock

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