Sacramento Portal Passage

Portal Passage
If a person encounters an access control panel, they need authorization to gain access to the area. Most often, they will encounter a portal design to give access to authorized personnel only, and allow anyone to exit without needing authorizing. This authorization process involves either a biometric reader, keypad, card reader, or a combination of them.

Portals typically have some sort of locking system that requires being unlocked in order to exit. Different request-to-exit sensors include Motion Detectors, Exit Touch-Bars, and Exit Push Buttons.

Card Entry And Exit
Installing Credential Readers on either side of a door is another common portal set-up. This requires authorization for personnel exiting as well as entering. You often see these configurations in financial buildings or facilities with sensitive information. When using these portals, you need to ensure a bypass to allow for unauthorized entry or exit in case of an emergency. Because of this, these portals are usually integrated in with the facility’s fire alarm system.

For more information about portal passage and other access control topics, please check out Thomas L. Norman’s book Electronic Access Control.

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