CBS13 Covered Locksmith Scams In Sacramento

Unfortunately, there are a number of locksmith scam companies ripping vulnerable customers off throughout the country. Sacramento is no exception. This is a deep rooted problem and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Just look at this quote from the article featured in the link below:  “The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services regulates locksmith companies and employees in California. It received 281 complaints in the past two years, and has cited 17 locksmiths. No locksmith have had their licenses revoked in that time.

Most legitimate local Locksmith companies, including us, have written blog posts about these scams, trying to warn potential customers.  But it is easy for these posts to get lost in the noise, and the flood of Advertisements these scam artists are able to produce.

Thankfully, CBS13 Covered Locksmith Scams In Sacramento, when eight-time Emmy Award winner, Kurtis Ming ran this story at the end of April:

We here at Professional Lock & Safe just wanted to share this link, with hopes of helping spread the word.

Author: prolock

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