Auto Door Operators


We offer a full selection of extremely quiet, low energy, auto door operators designed for moderate to high traffic doors for either push or pull – side mounting and are ideal for any application designed to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.).

Auto Operators are great for:

  • senior housing/assisted living facilities
  • hospitals
  • office buildings
  • colleges or universities
  • places of worship
  • convention centers, ect.

There are many ways to make an opening ADA compliant when specifying a door hardware, and Professional Lock has a solution for whatever application you have. For interior doors, the least expensive option is to use a standard mechanical closer. When going with this option, you need to use the lowest power to ensure the required opening pressure does not exceed the ADA code. Adjustable spring power closers can be used if it is set at the same maximum required opening force. If the door is in a corridor where the HVAC system creates a high pressure, this force may not be enough to latch the door properly. In such cases, a power operator will most likely be needed to meet ADA requirements.

Power Operators Applications

For power operators applications, it will be necessary to consider product design and its effect on the application. Most power door operators are electric motor driven with gear reductions engaged by a clutch. Even when a door is being manually operated, the motor and gears are rotating and turning, this may decrease their operational life on a high-usage opening. Unless the door will be operated automatically most or all of the time, it may be better for these applications to select a power operator that is built around a standard mechanical hydraulic door closer with the addition of a motor and clutch. Then it will function as any other mechanical closer most of the time, with a push button-operated power assist available when needed.

In addition to door closers and power operators there are other aspects to helping you meet required ADA compliance, such as use of proper lever and locking hardware, push-pull handles, protective kick plates, door bottoms and specialty signage.  No matter what your need Professional Lock can help you meet them.  Call us today at (916) 929-5595 for all your ADA door hardware.

Click the link below for more information on ADA Compliance:
[schema type="organization" orgtype="Organization" url="" name="ADA " description="Americans With Disabilites Act, on the website for United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division" ]

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